Mineral wool substrate


Cultilene - one of the world's leading manufacturers of mineral wool mats for growing vegetables and flowers hydroponic method has expanded its product range. Since this year, it is available in Ukraine. The unique technology of chaotic fiber distribution has been tested and improved, as a result - the range has widened, allowing to solve the maximum of tasks facing greenhouse plants. Mats are complemented by a successful series of cubes and plugs.

The technology of chaotic fiber distribution enabled Cultilene to design mats with a wide range of water content in them, which is especially important for different climatic zones.

The assortment is represented by the following types of materials:

MaXXima: maximum water buffering, mats provide an opportunity to control the vegetative and generative balance.


• the most uniform distribution of water and the EU

• High !!! the ability to control the water content to regulate the vegetative and generative effect

• Excellent for growing under artificial lighting on mats with a height of 100 mm

• gives an ideal opportunity for the producer to regulate the water content during the summer months

• mixed fiber structure, ideal root propagation

• wider "useful" cone in the substrate

• best re-saturation

• minimal risk of drying the mat

EXXellent: universal mats, suitable for use on suspended troughs or floors.


• excellent water distribution and EU

• high ability to control water content in combination with EU control

• rapid and accurate determination of water content

• professional mat, suitable for laying on the floor and gutters

OptimaXX: formerly known as "X-Fiber", have already become popular mats, suitable for all growing systems.


• rapid sensitivity to water filling, good control over EU level

• greater ability to respond to changes in growth conditions

• the most uniform distribution of water and the EU

• Previously used as X-fiber

• mixed structure of fibers

ReaXXion: the most reactive mats in conditions of volatile growing conditions.


• rapid response to changes in growth conditions

• Ideal for use on gutter systems

• The best choice for manufacturers using sensors for strict water control and the EU

• for manufacturers interested in generative mats for winter use or for use in low light.

Ivan Kastils, the leading specialist in agronomy in Cultilene, tells us about the new assortment and products.

Why did Cultilene replace the green in the logo with blue? 3

We changed our approach to products. We are "blue", because the topic of water and buffer mats for us has been the main one recently. We entered the market with a completely new range of products.

What is a group?

Mineral wool is a system of fibers from basalt. Traditionally, there are three types of distribution of fibers in mats: horizontal, vertical and mats of two layers of fibers of different density. Cultilene offers a combination of all these types of mats in a unique chaotic (X-fiber) technology.

What are their advantages?

In connection with the chaotic arrangement of fibers, the roots penetrate into the mat evenly, so its volume is better used. These conditions are closest to natural. When measuring moisture in the mate and the EU level, you can clearly see how well they are aligned horizontally and vertically in the mate.

The full range of mats, what does this mean?

The assortment is represented by four products: MaXXima, EXXellent, OptimaXX and ReaXXion. They are distinguished by the ability to maintain water balance.

MaXXima, as the name implies, is a mat with the greatest buffering?

Yes, and better aligns the distribution of water and the EU. It is most suitable for those manufacturers who have a simple irrigation system, works well on an uneven surface. Suitable for dry and warm climate. Mats with such a large buffer capacity are indispensable when used on outdated irrigation systems (with frequent clogging of droppers). In addition, you can not overmoisten it.

And other mats?

The most recommended on the market is EXXellent mat, well balanced under our climate conditions. It has an optimal water buffer, is characterized by an excellent EU distribution and allows excellent control over these parameters.5

OptimaXX -mat with even faster response and more control over the EU level.

In which cases do greenhouse plants choose OptimaXX?

It's like with cars. You can quickly drive to Porsche, but only on level ground. Land Rover will carry slower, but he is not afraid of pits. Jet mats are "carried" quickly, but for this there must be a suitable modern irrigation system and excellent skills for the agronomist. In Russia, the beginning of the growing season is accompanied by cold weather, lack of sun, as a result, plants absorb water badly. In this case, it is possible to maintain a low level of humidity in the mats. In July or August, when the sun is warming, these mats effectively maintain the necessary level of moisture and, accordingly, nutrients.

The last type of mat is ReaXXion.

If you can create the ideal conditions for growing, this mat will be the best choice, as it provides the best possible control. From you, he will demand great accuracy. The mat has a lower water buffer. This mat is suitable for manufacturers who have a good, efficient irrigation system and automated climate control. This mat works fine in the winter and in conditions of shortage of light. These mats are successfully used in the cultivation of cucumbers in Holland.

Does the Ukrainian manufacturer have the opportunity to choose the right one for you? mat?

This is our work. Changed the approach to our products and customers. It's enough just to say what kind of mats you need: with large, small, medium water buffer. If you do not know, we will help!

How can I check if the mat is sufficiently moist?

Usually, a vertical sensor measurement system is used-from above, an average score is displayed throughout the mat. It is used in measurements of at least three mats. Then the so-called averages are output and a "mate profile" is drawn up, on which you can accurately see the distribution of moisture and the EU in the mate.

Should the client provide you with these measurements?

Our motto is not only to sell the product, but also the service - telling how to use the mat, the optimal ways of control. The most important is the seeding period, another pain period for the producers is the spring and summer, and then the summer and autumn. We are always next to the manufacturer at this time.

What determines the success of sales growth of Cultilene products?

Quality of products, correct positioning, strategy and careful approach to the buyer.