Water storage tanks

Special containers with a capacity of up to 160 m3 are used to store the reserve of water required for the preparation of solutions, as well as the creation of a daily reserve. The tanks are installed in the service area of ​​the greenhouse block and are circular tanks that consist of carefully centrifugal hot-dip galvanized corrugated sheets with a double row of mounting holes for accuracy and ease of assembly. The inner lining consists of a 0.5 mm thick PVC container with a polyester fabric along the top edge for durability. The dimensions of the water storage tanks are determined taking into account the binding to the service area.

A water tank (included) includes the following:

  • Galvanized plates including bolts, nuts and washers;
  • Protective canvas for the tank - Polyextra film 0.5 mm and binding materials;
  • Anti-algal canvas (delivery includes materials for a tubular frame);
  • All necessary materials, accessories and PVC pipes for all connections.

What are tanks for water supply for?

Precipitation shows that they occur with varying intensity, and it is difficult to predict in advance at which periods the drought will occur and in what rains. Taking into account only the period May-September, the average monthly rainfall during this period is 50-70 mm, depending on the region. This corresponds to an average of 60 liters of water per square meter, and this inflow can occur once with heavy rainfall or evenly distributed over several days per month. A storage tank for water allows you to collect valuable moisture and save it in case of drought and ensure timely watering of plants.

The changing climate causes a reduction in water resources. However, water is the main and indispensable tool for conducting any agricultural or horticultural production. Only its temporary absence can lead to loss of all production. Metal tanks, screwed to the panels, lined with a PVC insert and coated, will allow you to store the required amount of water for production. When there is a problem with the water supply, the quantity stored in the tanks will save production. We have a wide range of water tanks with different sizes and capacities.

Tank accumulative for water are modern, competitive, strong tanks for natural and artificial fertilizers, water and sewage. For a long time used in many European countries and in the world in the field of agriculture, horticulture, industry and environmental protection, and now found their application in Ukraine.

  • Proven technology
  • Quick build
  • Guaranteed tightness
  • Wide range of tanks
  • Open and closed tanks
  • Standard or custom equipment
  • Competitive prices

What water is better?

Rainwater is the most pure and decalcified water, even if it contains pollutants from the air. Tap water contains chlorine and other compounds that adversely affect plants, and the well often contains calcium and other mineral salts, which may not always be useful for this type of plant. If you use tap water or well water, it is worth investing in additional filters for water purification and softening. water from a water supply network is alkaline and is not suitable for irrigation of acidophilic plants, most plants also prefer soft water, and this water also contains calcium, magnesium or iron, so for delicate crops we recommend using rainwater or filtering water to remove harmful compounds and elements of it. That is why you should buy a storage tank for water in which you can collect rainfall or filter tap water.