Installation and installation of equipment

The construction of each greenhouse requires an individual approach. We are happy to advise our clients at every stage - from design to equipment parts for industrial greenhouses . Our client is never alone with a problem, even after all the work has been done. We not only build greenhouses, but also repair, modernize and dismantle unnecessary constructions. We provide complete equipment, shading curtains, side blinds and other items.

To buy the greenhouse Ukraine from the producer

LLC  ATS - Ukraine has exclusive contracts with leading global manufacturers and supplies and installs a greenhouse, the price of which corresponds to the high quality of engineering systems:

  • Ventilation (RIDDER; TGU; SHNELDER)
  • Curtain (horizontal and vertical with any type of fabric made in Sweden, Belgium, Germany)
  • Internal gutter drip irrigation
  • Greenhouse climate control (Sercom)
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Instruments for measuring EC and PH
  • Toxic chemicals and fertilizers
  • Means for roofing greenhouses REDUSOL (REDUCLIN)
  • Heating: pumps (Jonson Pump, Grundfos, Wilo)
  • Three-way and four-way mixing valves Centra, Honeywell)
  • Throttle and check valves (Keystone) and spare parts for them.

LLC “ ATS - Ukraine” supplies pipes, fittings, rubber-fabric hoses, hangers, supports, brackets, beams of the heating system produced by Russia and foreign manufacturers.

  • Supply systems and wiring system C02 in the greenhouse
  • Systems of electrical equipment and electric lighting.

From assembly to sorting line

LLC “ ATS - Ukraine” supplies all the machines and mechanisms necessary for the maintenance and operation of greenhouses Ukraine :

  • Line for automated sorting of roses and vegetables
  • Sprayers (EMPAS, H. Weterings) and spare parts for them
  • Trolleys for harvesting various modifications
  • Cold mist aerosol gas generators
  • Electrical and mechanical harvesting trolleys
  • Plant lowering mechanisms

Equipment and accessories for greenhouses Ukraine

Supply of consumables and other materials:

LLC " ATS - Ukraine" offers a wide selection of mineral wool

(Mats, cubes, cassettes, corks) for various plant species, delivers seeds of vegetable crops, seeds and flower seedlings, leading Dutch companies for protected and open ground:

  • Glass (plain and tempered)
  • Steaming Film (Netherlands)
  • Mother, cubes, tapes, film, etc.
  • Trays for growing vegetables and roses
  • Rose Saplings
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers

Technical assistance is one of the main components of any project, the importance of which is often underestimated. Systems that are used in modern greenhouses are becoming more complex and require deeper knowledge. The materials from which the systems are mounted are not just a designer that anyone can assemble. As a rule, the situation on the ground differs from the planned one initially, or the client has any wishes that require carrying out relevant work. As a rule, knowledge of local specialists does not always correspond to the modern level of technology. For the successful implementation of the project it is very important that the work performed on the installation of the greenhouse was carried out under the guidance of professional professionals. The money invested in technical support will quickly pay for itself by reducing installation time and preventing many errors. To perform these or other works, we have the appropriate specialists.