Turnkey construction of greenhouses

In this section of the site we want to share the experience of implementing a beautiful business - the construction of an industrial greenhouse . This type of production is not only a highly profitable tool for making a profit, but also brings great emotional, moral and spiritual satisfaction.

We provide the information necessary for the competent selection of the amount of plausible construction and the products that will be most appropriate and profitable in your region. We will share our experience gained in organizing the construction of greenhouses will help you to minimize costs and get the greenhouse complex in a clearly defined and scheduled time.

Having made a choice of a site for construction, and having completed a cycle of preparatory work, we proceed to the installation of foundations.

        Installation of foundations is one of the most important elements of construction, the entire future operation of greenhouses depends on its professional and competent performance (exactly according to the project). There were examples when (especially beginners) managers preferred to turn to local (usually familiar) construction organizations with the request to complete the foundations. Undoubtedly, all these organizations were and are worthy and have all the appropriate licenses, but they do not have the main thing - the experience of installing greenhouse foundations, columns, often significantly delays the installation of the entire greenhouse complex, or requires reworking the entire foundation.

        LLC "ATS - Ukraine"   It is proud of its specialists who perform the whole range of works on the foundation, as well as concrete work. All these works are carried out by separate brigades flawlessly and as soon as possible.

        Installation of the foundation includes several steps:

          Installation of steel structures for ventilation systems and glazing of industrial greenhouses

          Construction of greenhouses: installation of steel frame industrial greenhouses.

          This stage is one of the most highly specialized. The steel frame of the greenhouse and its aluminum enclosure is mounted according to the design principle. However, a large number of elements of the greenhouse and their specifics require adherence to the phased process. It is necessary to carry out the installation of metal structures of the greenhouse in a short time with consistent quality. This can be done only by people with significant experience in this direction.

          Construction of an industrial greenhouse: installation of flats for the ventilation system of an industrial greenhouse

          Specialists of LLC  ATS - Ukraine, having assembled more than a dozen hectares, perform these works clearly and harmoniously, which makes it possible to mount a large number of hectares in a short time. Glazing is also carried out by specialized teams. At the request of the customer and depending on the volume of work, the number of brigades increases. On average, one team of specialists of LLC SP ATS-Ukraine for a glass change of 1200 square meters.

          Ultimately, the customer must receive and receive a glazed greenhouse that eliminates leakage and drops. LLC “ ATS - Ukraine” during the year is responsible for the glazing and on its own and at its own expense eliminates all the shortcomings in case of their detection, whether it is a loss of glass or flow in the greenhouse.

          Installation of a greenhouse curtain system

          The curtain system is now an integral part of any greenhouse.

          In the cold season, it prevents heat loss in the greenhouse, in the hot season it protects the plants from excessive solar radiation.

          Installation of the curtain system should be done as carefully as possible so as not to damage the expensive and rather delicate fabric. But its execution should also be carried out in a tight time frame and with jewelery accuracy.

          Our experts install curtain systems of various types: cable, rack in a clearly defined time frame and with the same quality. In addition, many farms consider installing a horizontal curtain as well as a horizontal one. It minimizes heat loss and helps protect plants from oblique sunlight.

          Installation of sewage systems in industrial greenhouses

          Installation of sewage systems: fragment

          The greenhouse as an industrial complex daily "dumps" a significant amount of wastewater that must be collected and discharged.

          There are technologies that fully utilize thawed and industrial waste, but in most cases installation of a sewage system is necessary. In principle, this type of work can be performed by any construction organization.

          However, LLC " ATS - Ukraine" performing a range of works

          "Construction of turnkey greenhouses" offers its customers and this service.

          Installation of a greenhouse heating system

          The heating system is an essential part of the greenhouse.

          Heating is carried out by hot water circulating through steel pipes. Circulation is forced and is carried out by pumps whose capacity is calculated individually each time depending on the configuration of the industrial greenhouse.

          The installation of the heating system in LLC  ATS - Ukraine is carried out only by certified welders. The experience gained by them allows you to install this system as soon as possible with consistent quality.

          Installation of the base of the greenhouse

          Installation of the base of the modern industrial greenhouse

          Installation of the greenhouse basement: an important part of the construction of an industrial greenhouse

          Well drilling under the column foundation

          Concrete works

          Preparation of the column foundation for installation work

          Laying trenches under strip foundations

          Installation of metal structures under the strip foundation

          Other jobs.