Shading system

With the curtain system you get a double effect - saving energy in the winter and shading in the summer. They provide 45-80% shading and 35-70% energy savings.

Automation system for greenhouses - main sheets

Greenhouse shading systems can be installed in new as well as in existing structures of old greenhouses of any type.

The main goal is to minimize energy losses, optimal climate control and complete darkening of greenhouses. Cable drive versions have single, double and triple systems - pulling wire or rack-gear - push pull. The system is dedicated to the type of greenhouse, crop type and customer requirements, and the latest technical solutions are used as components to optimize functionality, performance and reliability.

Curdling happens (horizontal-single or double, vertical): drive and accessories TGU and Ridder, cloth L. Svensson (LS) or Bonar (РН);

Horizontal curtains are made of polymeric materials and provide almost complete overlap of the upper part of the greenhouse.

The curtain screen fabric is a specially designed material.

The combination of aluminum and transparent strips allows to provide both reflection and absorption of thermal solar energy. As a result of shading, a more favorable climate is created for plants and personnel.

The system of heat-shielding and reflective curtain screen consists of the following elements:

  • Rope curtain screen;
  • Gearboxes about the cable system;
  • Electric drive control system;
  • Curtain Screen Fabric

The system of horizontal heat-shielding and reflective curtain screen is designed to create shading in greenhouses with intensive (excessive) solar radiation in the spring-summer period, as well as to keep warm at night and during the periods with the lowest outdoor temperature.

Shading for professional greenhouses

Because of the huge array of crops under the roof, an extremely important criterion is the appropriate choice of shading fabric for the needs of the plants to be protected.

Energy-saving curtains should provide maximum energy savings while limiting lighting conditions, so we recommend that you pay attention to our suggestions that will best meet your needs.

An important element of shading systems equipment is a controller or computer that controls the progress of their work.

Choosing the right material is key to success in providing the best thermal insulation and shading conditions.

The shading material is a combination of aluminum and transparent foil strips. Their proportions vary depending on the type of fabric that determines the specific shading parameters and the degree of energy savings. Therefore, we work only with materials that have already proved their quality: reliable engines, curtain material of innovative quality. For each type of shading and thermal insulation installation, we match fabrics with all known suppliers.

Permeability shading. The shading material protects the crop in summer from excessive exposure to sunlight, and also allows light to be diffused. In winter, it helps to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Warming greenhouses - the actual question for those who want to collect several harvests per year. Only high-quality materials and reliable designs from a direct distributor of well-known manufacturers - your industrial greenhouses need professional equipment.