Trays for growing in industrial greenhouses

The growing system of plant cultivation is designed for mineral wool, other substrates directly in which plants are planted in the greenhouse . Suspended trays can be steel galvanized or plastic, then they are part of the frame. There are options when the trays are stacked on the stand - support or stacked on the ground.

The advantage of the suspension tray system is that the substrate is on a completely flat surface, thus achieving a uniform distribution of moisture. Humidity throughout is almost the same: 75-80%, saving water and fertilizer is 30%, the plant is experiencing less stress when temperature rises.

Technological tray system for growing vegetables

Growing plants: on hanging trays in industrial greenhouses Ukraine

Equipment for growing vegetables is a tray system with drainage solution. Steel trays are designed to be placed at a certain height of substrate mats, as well as for collecting and draining drainage. Trays are made on site inside the greenhouse using a mobile molding installation and are made exactly along the length of the greenhouse. The number of connections of trays is minimized and drainage leakage is practically excluded.

Suspended trays: for growing plants in industrial greenhouses

At the end of the drainage collection trays, a drainage collection is installed in each tray. Collections made of polystyrene and attached to the tray with stainless steel bolt joints. The drainage collector has a Ø 40 mm drain hole, which is connected with a flexible PVC hose to a flexible hose. Drainage water after cleaning enters an open container for collecting and storing water.

Trays for hydroponics

If you are interested in hydroponics and want to organize your own hydroponic cultivation, the offer of our store should be extremely attractive for you. We have a number of equipment for greenhouses that will help you organize automated, fully professional hydroponic cultivation at home, in a greenhouse, in the garage of your home, or help organize a greenhouse in a greenhouse . In addition to high-quality lighting, ventilation equipment and special irrigation systems, we also sell hydroponic trays . It is important to note that we offer only branded equipment, professional installation and even turnkey greenhouses .

The advantages of growing seedlings in trays

Multi-element trays make it possible to economically grow plant, flower and tobacco plants from direct sowing or root crops. Such cultivation of plants makes it easy to control their growth, they grow evenly and have a well-developed root system, which guarantees the reception of plants. The simple design makes the trays very functional and reliable.

Why buy this product?

  • reuse
  • attractive price
  • saves working time
  • easy control of plant growth
  • functionality and reliability.

Washing and disinfecting multi-compartment trays

Reuse trays should be cleaned and disinfected. It is relatively easy to evaporate in a chamber or bath in hot water / at least 2 hours at 70 ° C /. Trays made of polystyrene can not be heated above 70 - 75 ° C. Chemical disinfection is also possible.

In addition to trays, you can find equipment for greenhouses on our website , buy it at a bargain price and be confident in its high quality. We also have used greenhouses and new ones from the manufacturer. A wide range of products will help you organize the work of growing plants at a high level.