Industrial greenhouses of the Venlo type

Example - Industrial greenhouses of the “Venlo” type (Venlo): Span length 9.6 m, Column height from the foundation to the tray 4.5 m, Column spacing 4.0 m.

Design features of industrial greenhouses

The “cold house” is the basis of the greenhouse; it performs a number of functions ensuring plant protection under the conditions of adverse climatic factors, the creation of a favorable microclimate for plants, the installation and operation of engineering and technological systems, and reliable operation of the entire structure of the industrial greenhouse for the whole service period.

The basis of the design is the frame of greenhouses, which is mounted from galvanized steel structures. Steel structures are protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing with a coating thickness of 200 microns. External enclosing structures of greenhouses are translucent.

Roof fence industrial greenhouses for small farms , is performed by filling the aluminum frame with sheet glass with a thickness of 4 mm. The side fence is made by filling the aluminum frame with double sheet glass of 4 mm thickness along aluminum lines on rubber seals, which improves the thermal performance.

Glass greenhouse - ordinary glass panels, mineral or polystyrene glass. This material transfers most of the sun's rays and does not block UV radiation, if the glass is not equipped with special filters. These greenhouses are usually stationary, without the possibility of their rapid dismantling after the season, due to the thickness of the glass sheet of 4 mm, it has become more resistant to stress, and many times better tolerates the load of external influence than ordinary glass. Industrial greenhouses, price as the manufacturer, look very aesthetically pleasing, and they can be a beautiful decoration of your farm or home garden.

Foundations - bored concrete piles. Cap - monolithic reinforced concrete or precast reinforced concrete grillage.

" Venlo " - world famous greenhouses

The industrial greenhouse of the “ Venlo ” type allows growing vegetables and berries throughout the year. Industrial greenhouses are different from the usual large size, they use heating systems that allow you to collect several crops per year. Greenhouse buildings occupy a significant area and, as a rule, have a great height. The useful area of ​​such facilities is several thousand square meters. These are real inner plantations.

Growing vegetables, berries and flowers here can be done not only in the soil, but also by hydroponic methods.

In such buildings, a multi-level heating system is created, which ensures the production and delivery of carbon dioxide into the room, which is necessary for the metabolic processes of plants during the day. Such modern industrial greenhouses are delivered to customers throughout the country.

A large amount of industrial greenhouses allows you to grow plants on racks, pallets and on several levels. The number of "floors" depends on the height of the plants. In greenhouses, artificial lighting is provided, which allows plants to receive more light in early spring and late autumn, as well as in winter.

Need industrial greenhouses in Ukraine?

For farming purposes, you can buy several types of industrial greenhouses , depending on your needs. Greenhouses on such a scale are produced under high-strength glass, the design uses different types of skeletons. Here you can find different types of industrial greenhouses and choose the option that best suits your requirements.