Engineering and technological systems

Industrial greenhouses can reach an area of ​​1000 m2 and a height of about 7 meters. Such dimensions determine the greenhouse technology. There are several factors that need to be taken into account in the construction technology of an industrial greenhouse structure, since they influence the final result of its work:

  • maintaining the required temperature in a large installation;
  • the use of appropriate equipment for industrial greenhouses to provide and control lighting and heating;
  • maintaining the parameters necessary to work in the conditions of use of the base material from which greenhouse therapy will be produced;
  • optimization of production costs.

These factors are important in the case of seasonal projects, as well as for plants that need to produce crops year-round.

OJSC "ATS - Ukraine"   offers the following engineering and technological

Systems and equipment for industrial greenhouses:

  • Greenhouse construction
  • Fortochny ventilation system
  • Horizontal shading system
  • Heating system (with heating units and boiler equipment)
  • Drip irrigation system
  • The system of feeding plants carbon dioxide
  • elektrodosvichuvannya system
  • The system of automatic climate control greenhouses
  • Technological system of growing plants on hanging trays
  • Solution collection and disinfection system
  • Electric lighting system, power supply system
  • Internal gutter system

Over the past two decades, progress has been made in the use of modern structures and technical equipment of industrial greenhouses used for year-round production. This allows, along with improved production methods under roofs, to achieve better accuracy in the management of plant growth and development factors, thus there is greater stability in obtaining high yields of good quality. Due to this success, Ukrainian gardeners can become more competitive in the market of vegetable and flower producers in the country and even abroad.

ATS-Ukraine offers comprehensive solutions for growing crops, implementing fully equipped modern industrial greenhouses . We offer comprehensive services, ranging from design, construction and commissioning. We offer solutions tailored to the needs of the client, taking into account the specificity of the crop and the investment budget.

In addition to greenhouses for industrial production, we offer our customers modern, accurate and high-quality equipment to control the microclimate in the greenhouse, which will help improve the condition of the plants and increase their productivity. If you decide to buy an industrial greenhouse , our company will prepare for you a complete project of its creation and will give practical advice on the launch of engineering and technological equipment for the efficient operation of the greenhouse.

ATS-Ukraine offers greenhouse structures of the main type of greenhouses VENLO, which have proven themselves in many countries and brought their effectiveness. These are proven solutions widely used in Europe and around the world. They are adapted to different types of coatings. Greenhouse facilities are equipped with everything necessary for the operation of the greenhouse, with such systems as: heating, shading, ventilation, climate control, irrigation, preparation and dispensing of nutrient solution, recycling and others. Our designs meet all necessary standards in terms of snow and wind loads, as well as fixed and variable loads. Our industrial greenhouses meet high quality requirements.