Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation system with nodes for the preparation and supply of a solution of mineral fertilizers.

The drip irrigation system is designed for the preparation and supply of a nutrient solution of mineral fertilizers to plants grown according to the method of low-volume technology on organic and inorganic substrates.

The system allows the preparation of a nutrient solution of the desired concentration and transport it to the root zones of each plant through a distribution network and droppers.

The use of drip irrigation for the greenhouse in the technological cycle of production of protected ground allows optimal planning of watering during the day.

The UniMix mortar unit is an installation designed for the preparation and supply of nutrient solution, characterized by reliability and long service life. The UniMix mortar unit consists of a metal frame on which a mixing tank, a tank / system pump and filters are mounted. Mortar knot regulates the level of the EU and the pH of irrigation water and filters it. The UniMix mortar unit provides for the use of AB tanks, in which solid or liquid fertilizers are dissolved.

The UniMix mortar node has the following advantages:

·          Accurate and reliable EC level and pH due to large mixing tank.

·          Dual EC and pH measurements with automatic control.

·          Motorized taps for accurate dosing.

·          Level gauges in soluble AB tanks for uniform supply of solution from AB tanks.

·          Reducing the level of the mixing tank in case of feeding several nutrient solutions.

·          Ease of maintenance.

·          Control electric valves.

·          Flow control

Mortar knot on a steel frame with tank and system pump. Large mixing tank drip irrigation Uman , a computer with its own software. The power of the mortar unit is calculated for a specific area.

In a mixing tank with a volume of 1.100 l, the solution is kept for 30 seconds. Fertilizers from tanks A, B and acid tank are injected using modulated valves and Venturi water ports. Connect 4 soluble tanks of 2,000 liters each and one acid tank of 1,000 liters to the soluble node. Each tank is covered with a polypropylene cover (optional additionally available). The mortar unit is equipped with a tank and system pump and cleans the circulation filter in each pipeline.

The mortar unit is controlled by a computer "Sercom".

Including "Kipp" -solarimeter for starting and stopping the fuel, depending on the level of illumination, as well as a printer for printing and control indicators.

Sand filter is a stand-alone unit with automatic backwash, designed to purify water entering the tank with a daily supply of water. At the request of the client, a sand filter can also be installed with a system pump.

From the mortar unit, the PVC main pipeline with a diameter of 125 mm goes along the central path. From each side of the track are organized crane compartments, a total of 8 crane compartments. A crane stand of 2.5 ”and 75 mm is connected to the main pipeline of the drip irrigation system , including: solenoid valve, 24 Volt, direct current. From the crane stand, a sub-line runs along the center walkway. The sub-line ends with 75 PVC x 32 x 75 PE PVC tees, to which 32 mm PE drip hoses are attached.

The system uses droppers with pressure compensation. At the request of the client, a capillary system can be used when the droppers are fed from the middle of the PE hose.

All necessary cables for controlling the solenoid valves are included in the offer. Therefore, you can buy drip irrigation in Ukraine in the kit that is needed in your particular case.