Climate control system

Management of the climate control system for greenhouses: a fragment of the industrial greenhouse heating system. For optimal cultivation results, proper management is required. One of the fundamental factors for growing in a greenhouse is the climate, or better said microclimate. Everyone knows that such a complex combination of various parameters cannot be controlled manually. This task is perfectly handled by the Sercom climate computer, which will do this work for you day and night, 24 hours a day. Climate control is a modern solution to current problems of crop production.

Our modern computer climate system allows you to manage heat, boiler rooms and buffer systems, including an open buffer system, in various ways. This applies parallel control or cascade control. Boiler control is carried out separately, mainly working on heating and CO2 production. The control is implemented on the basis of such measurements: boiler temperature, direct boiler temperature, return temperature of the boiler, burner position, gas consumption, degree of buffer filling, transport temperature, temperature of heating circuits, greenhouse temperature, greenhouse air humidity, apparently with position sensors for the vents, CO2 percentage, outdoor temperature, wind direction, wind speed and measuring the level of solar radiation (illumination). Climate computer control is carried out with the help of a modern personal computer (PC) that works with the “Windows” graphical interface. The program includes options such as graphics and archival data storage. For support, we can supply a GSM modem. In the future, an annual contract for permanent service can be concluded. Climate control computer to buy "Sercom" monitors and controls such systems (automated climate control system):

Plant nutrition management:

  • Vuzol preparation of solutions of mineral fertilizers
  • Drainage Disinfection Unit
  • Plant Drip System
  • Vuzol Drip Control

Thermal and light control in greenhouses during the day and at night:

  • Heat sinking and / or reflective screen
  • System elektrodosvichuvannya (on and off according to a given program).

Measurement and regulation of temperature and humidity in each of the greenhouse compartments:

  • Lower heating
  • Zonal heating
  • Top heating
  • Sublotkovy heating
  • Quatirkim ventilation (automatic modulated opening and closing of the vents)
  • Air recirculation (on and off fans)

Wet mode control and overheating protection:

  • Cooling and air and roof satisfaction
  • Quatirpim ventilation
  • Curtain screen

CO2 control (if there is an electric valve in the existing system):

  • CO2 supply to the lower zone of the greenhouse
  • Air recirculation

ACS MMP performs the following information functions:

  • Entering data from a weather station;
  • Collection, processing and presentation of information on the screens of PCs and local consoles;
  • Creating archives of data on the history of the technological process and providing them in convenient for analysis forms (text, graphics, histograms, etc.)

The climate control system inside the greenhouse is designed to optimize crop growth. Temperature, humidity, CO2, light - these are the main factors determining the correct growth of plants. Photosynthesis and transpiration are processes that can be optimized through careful environmental monitoring.