Battery Buffer

In recent years, the production of vegetables and berries in greenhouses has doubled. However, the factor determining the cost of such production is the price of energy. Heating greenhouses can be up to 70% of the costs. Therefore, farmers equip greenhouses with various technical solutions that allow maintaining an appropriate microclimate and practical energy management . A heat accumulator is a solution that reduces not only energy consumption, but also costs. It is possible to buy a tank battery in Ukraine in ATS-Ukraine - we offer not only high-quality equipment, but also components for it.

Storage tanks for heating greenhouses - the principle of operation

Large buffer tanks (storage tanks) are used to accumulate heat in the production of CO2, when there is enough heat in the greenhouses and no heating is needed at all, or partial heating is needed. In this case, the coolant from the buffer is used later and, consequently, is spent purposefully.

Battery tanks are an integral part of modern heating and power systems using cogeneration plants. The excess heat generated by the cogenerators during the operation of the assimilation lighting system is accumulated in the storage tank. At night, when the cogenerators do not work, this heat is used to heat the greenhouse. Buffer tanks for heating also allow to level the needs of the greenhouse in thermal energy. With abrupt changes in external conditions (sudden wind, rain, etc.), boilers often cannot cope with large demands of energy, which can lead to a decrease in temperature and a large deviation from the norm of the temperature-humidity regime of greenhouses. As a result, plants get stressed, yield decreases, resistance to diseases and pests. It is at such moments that the heat energy accumulated in advance in the storage tank makes it possible to safely endure peak consumption, providing the necessary volume of heat carrier at the required temperature.

An open-type vertical storage tank is also used to compensate for thermal expansion of the coolant. Such buffer tanks of heating systems are used for the storage of thermal energy, and at the same time act as expansion tanks. The upper part of the tank is influenced by atmospheric pressure, so its height is at least 10 meters. The water column in the tank creates the necessary working pressure in the heating system. To prevent water saturation with oxygen from the air, a special generator is used, thanks to which a permanent protective cushion of nitrogen (N2) is formed on the surface of the water in the tank.

Benefits of using a buffer tank for heating

Using storage tanks in a greenhouse brings many benefits. It has been proven that the accumulation of heat for its subsequent use improves the conditions at the facility. During the day, there is a decrease in temperature fluctuations, which positively affects the increase in the heat of the substrate and the root ball of cultivated plants. The use of a heat accumulator causes a decrease in air humidity and, thus, has a positive effect on maintaining a proper microclimate. Improving growing conditions reduces the number of plant protection products, thereby producing more healthy vegetables. It is worth mentioning that the buffer capacity optimizes the operation of the heating source up to 95% and will provide significant savings. Therefore, the heat storage tank, the price of which is justified, will be a good investment in the development of your business.